Sunday, September 21, 2014

Klik Component Reveal at Resin Crafts

Hi everyone,
I've been On-Call for work this week, and it's been pretty busy...  
Beading has been on my mind, tho!  I squeezed a few hours of creative time in today...

Today, I finished the piece I've been working on for the Pine Ridge Studios Clay & Metal Blog Hop. This is one of those pieces that started 'one way', then I pulled it all apart and went a 'different way', then a '3rd way'...before finally deciding on a 4th totally different design in the long-run.  I was thrilled with the final result today..until I stumbled upon a design element featured at Fusionbeads while checking-out their new line-up of Swarovski beads.  I'm going to challenge myself a little further by trying my hand at this little element tomorrow and then add it my piece.  

So there we go...push just a little further to meet the challenge..that's my motto!

In the meantime, Carmi at Resin Crafts has been revealing the 50 Klik Collaborative submissions over the last 2 weeks. must take a peek at Resin Crafts.  The Artists have created an outstanding array of Klik art.  Now that mine has been revealed, I'd like to share it with you!

Ingredients include: A small Klik bezel, a teeny-tiny wire-crocheted pumpkin by Saffron Johns of otherworlds (Etsy), EasyCast Epoxy Resin, mica powders in antiqued sterling, mossy green and copper fleck, three sparkly Swarovski Crystal flatbacks and a jelly headpin.  

See you soon!

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