Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Blu Mudd Black and White Victorian Challenge

Hi everyone!
I wanted to let you know about a fabulous Challenge I am currently participating in.

My goal today is to ask you to hop-on-over to Blu Mudd on Facebook to see ALL of the entries and vote for one as your favorite piece, before the voting period ends this Saturday (12/7/14).

The challenge is The Blu Mudd Round Six Challenge (Black and White Victorian).  Oh! the hand-crafted artisan beads we received, lovingly created by our Host Moriah Betterly, are awesome (singing 🎵).  Very Victorian, very elegant, feminine yet bold...gorgeous.   It was also amazing to see how many different variations arose from each Participant based on the same set of beads!

The inspiration for my piece?  Well, I thought I saw the phrase 'rose bud' inscribed on one of Moriah's beads..and that got me started on a theme.  Then, I saw a bit of Celtic faery spirit there, too.

So, enough hints!  I'm not going to post my piece here, because I realllllly want you to take a look for yourself and vote for a favorite.

Here is the link to Blu Mudd at Facebook...have fun 😉
The Blu Mudd Black and White Victorian Challenge