Thursday, April 30, 2015

ArtJewelryElements April Component of the Month Challenge!

Hi everyone!
I am writing today about a wonderful Challenge sponsored by ArtJewelryElements.

Each month, one of the lovely and very talented AJE Artists makes a special batch of hand-made components for their Team plus a few lucky guests to create with.  I was super-surprised to be included as a guest participant this month.  AND, it was such a treat since this CoM was made by one of my all-time favorite Artists, Rebekah Payne of Tree Wings Studio.  Truly, I was giddy and there was a little squeal of glee!

So, what did I do with this lovely bead delight?  After lots of experimenting, I decided to keep-it-simple.  Rebekah's creative heart bead has a lovely shape, a rich gorgeous sheen and loads of texture that needed very little enhancement.  I definitely did not want to detract from any of those wonderful qualities.  Plus, since this creation would be staying with me (yup, this one is all mine!), I wanted to be true to the style of jewelry I love to wear...a bit sparkly, love bracelets (never leave home without one!), a little 'girly' and classic.

Keeping to my plan and goals, here is what I created..and I love love love it.  I think we should call this the 'Be True' bracelet:

Thank you Rebekah and AJE!

Please do head over to AJE to see what everyone made for their April CoM Challenge!..that's where I'm going, right now...whoosh...

(PS: sorry I am a bit late posting today...Mom's apartment flooded!  We've been trying to dry things and help-out there as much as possible.  Water sure does move fast and makes a huge mess.  Things should be back-to-normal by tomorrow..thank goodness.  It's a lot for an 85 yr old to 'deal with' alone)

Sunday, April 26, 2015

A few months ago, I had the honor of participating in a wonderful Hop spondored by Carmi Cimicata of I Love Resin.  Carmi sent everyone 2 of these really cool components to fill as we wished with resin or epoxy clay...and the rest was up to our imaginations!  

Here are all of the pieces created as a result of this fabulous event:

My little heart is in 5th column, 4th one down from the top...the little origami flowers (some floating) with a tiny silver hammered heart and extra dashes of glittery gold..all embedded in lovely crystal-clear resin.  

Aren't all of these creations gorgeous!?!  It's amazing how 25 talented artist imagined and created so differently!

Many thanks to Carmi!
Hi everyone!  I wanted to share a cute little bracelet and earrings set I made for Pine Ridge Studios 'Hurrah for Spring' Challenge.  I used an artisan bead in similar tones, sent to me from Genea Beads (thank you, Genea!)

The cool refreshing minty-green crystals are just beautiful and sparkly.  Those petite, frosty-blue glass beads remind me of new dewy Spring Bluebells that are popping-up in flowerbeds right about now.  I couldn't resist using the pretty little brass stars that came along with the Challenge kit.  They are so sweet, don't you think so?

This set is so fresh and light-hearted...I may need to wear them tomorrow!
Thanks for reading,

Saturday, February 7, 2015

February Checkerboard Blog Hop

Oh dear, does anyone else feel like they can't quite catch-up since the Holidays?   I feel sort-of breathless trying to do all the tasks at-hand.

The exciting news: I was unexpectedly invited to attend a Black Tie Gala in Atlanta by a very special colleague at represent my Hospital!  This was in recognition of some hard work over the last few months.  I was so honored ('speechless' at the time, as I recall..and I am never speechless).  I've never been to Atlanta before..this is all very exciting!!!

Segue: What to wear?!  I've never attended a Gala before.  My every-day wardrobe definitely doesn't include glitzy-glamorous pieces or a ball-gown.  I'm more 'business-casual' for work..nice slacks paired with a pretty sweater or classic button-down top.  I'm also in the process of gradually losing a bit of weight that had 'gradually' accumulated over the last 5-6 years (while I wasn't looking!).  So, right now isn't a good time to invest in clothing.

I did finally find, after lots of 'returns', a very pretty 3-tierd black chiffon-satin skirt! on-sale!  It was packed into the suitcase this morning, when I realized I didn't have a proper (ah-hem) slip to wear beneath it.  After the panic, I removed the skirt, then placed my tried-and-true dress black slacks into the suitcase instead (there was no time for shopping today..did I mention our roof was being replaced was a mess).

Those black slacks, paired either with a black-silvery glittery bolero sweater (thank goodness I found this a few weeks ago, on-sale!) or a black chiffon jacket (also a deal-maker!) will be my outfit for the Gala.  True to form of late, my 'final decision' will occur in Atlanta while getting dressed.  Thank goodness I had a pair of almost-new sparkly high heals and a beaded black bag from my Niece's wedding 2 years ago..or I may have fainted today.  I think all of this will do nicely...and it's more 'me' and comfortable, yet still dressy..I hope.

So..the jewelry was also a last-minute decision today.  I knew I had a made a beautiful black and silver Swarovski Crystal necklace a few years ago that has received minimal (once) wear.  It is simple and elegant, but a bit too glittery for work.  YAY! is perfect for either of my outfits and the Gala.  I was even brilliant enough to make a pair of earrings to match the necklace..whew!

A few hours after packing, I was stunned to realize that Lisa Lodge's Pine Ridge Checkerboard Hop is due today and had nearly passed-by in my frenzy.  Again, I don't know where time has gone, this was the very first Challenge I had signed-up for with Lisa back in July or August of 2014.  This too all turned-out perfectly (albeit at the last-minute).

I had no bracelet for my Gala outfit...and that's just-not-right.  I pulled out Lisa's beads and those same Swarovski's used in my necklace..and here is my new Gala bracelet:

Lisa supplied those gorgeous deep red/claret pearls!  I added a cluster of dangles to give some movement (they will sparkle as I lift my hand to drink my Gala champaign!)  

Lisa, I promise I will make more from the rest of the kit, as soon as I catch-my-breath!  The beads are too pretty not to use!

Thank you for being with me today,