Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Autumn Nights Challenge

Hi everyone!
It's time to share the fabulous pieces I created with the lovely beads sent to me by Lisa Lodge at Pine Ridge Studios Beads and More for her Autumn Nights Challenge.
(I'm a few hours early. I've got to be at work early tomorrow and just couldn't wait any longer to post!)

First, here is the official Pine Ridge artwork for the event:

There were just oodles and oodles of beads in this Challenge kit.  The kit I received was a mixture of amethyst, matte and shiny black, and silvery pearl beads.  I dug right in, totally forgetting to take a picture of the beads first!  This will give you the gist of things when I realized the 'before' picture is very important:

My first bracelet 'flew' together with this lovely feather clasp Lisa sent along in the kit.  I pulled out some silver wire and a pair of sterling silver cones from my stash and wah lah:

Next..obviously on a 'bracelet theme'...  I wanted to make a comfy, easy-to-wear stretch bracelet trio that combined several of the bead types.  They needed to keep a strong association to each other for a set.  The silver bead caps with the fluted design worked very well in the amethyst and basic black bracelets.  Years ago, I purchased these star-burst flat disc beads and thought they would be perfect for a Challenge theme that featured nighttime and stars?  These discs are super-sparkly in real life, almost too bright for the camera lens.  A few of those beautiful pearl beads softened the over-all look.  These could be worn in any combination..wear one, two, or all three.  Plus, that basic black bracelet would go with any outfit!..my 'go-to' wardrobe-maker.  Oh, and I love love those matte black barrels:

I was determined to use all the beads in this kit.
These pieces came next:

Lisa included 2 unusual, flat, softly matte glass rectangles in the kit.  What to make?..earrings?..no, wasn't in an 'earring mood' (I get like this..been wearing the same pair of 'basic' earrings to work now for a few weeks now..boring Carol).  A pendant?..maybe..but it needed 'sparkle' to go with those sparkling amethyst rondelle beads.  Out came the Swarovski flat-backed hot-fix crystals in a purple mix.  Using only gentle heat from a common heat gun adhered these hot-fix crystals perfectly..the glass was a perfect conductor.  I was amazed!  Sterling silver jump rings and a slightly oxidized sterling flower toggle clasp (also from my stash) made this necklace.  And, I still had beads remaining to use!  My last piece was a toggle bracelet that used the last funky, chunky matte black barrels (did I mention how much I love those??) and the last few sparkly amethyst rondelle beads with this sterling toggle clasp.  The very last barrel bead became a perfectly fun dangle with a sterling head pin wrapped-up around it.

I think there are about 3 & 1/2 beads remaining from this great kit (which may become my new pair of work earrings?  :)

Please head over to Pine Ridge Studios during October and November to see what everyone created from their own unique Autumn Nights kit.  I can't wait to see them all.  Mine will be posted there shortly, too!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Klik Component Reveal at Resin Crafts

Hi everyone,
I've been On-Call for work this week, and it's been pretty busy...  
Beading has been on my mind, tho!  I squeezed a few hours of creative time in today...

Today, I finished the piece I've been working on for the Pine Ridge Studios Clay & Metal Blog Hop. This is one of those pieces that started 'one way', then I pulled it all apart and went a 'different way', then a '3rd way'...before finally deciding on a 4th totally different design in the long-run.  I was thrilled with the final result today..until I stumbled upon a design element featured at Fusionbeads while checking-out their new line-up of Swarovski beads.  I'm going to challenge myself a little further by trying my hand at this little element tomorrow and then add it my piece.  

So there we go...push just a little further to meet the challenge..that's my motto!

In the meantime, Carmi at Resin Crafts has been revealing the 50 Klik Collaborative submissions over the last 2 weeks.  WOW..you must take a peek at Resin Crafts.  The Artists have created an outstanding array of Klik art.  Now that mine has been revealed, I'd like to share it with you!

Ingredients include: A small Klik bezel, a teeny-tiny wire-crocheted pumpkin by Saffron Johns of otherworlds (Etsy), EasyCast Epoxy Resin, mica powders in antiqued sterling, mossy green and copper fleck, three sparkly Swarovski Crystal flatbacks and a jelly headpin.  

See you soon!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Look at all the Goodies!

Happy September everyone,

I've got 3 sets of pictures to show you today!

The first is the stash I received from Lisa Lodge at Pine Ridge Studios for the upcoming Agate Challenge.   Now, we did receive 3 styles of Agate beads in this stash..but I was so excited, I forgot to take pictures before I started 'making'!   So, missing from this picture are the beautiful plump round Agate beads I used right away!  Don't worry, you will see them again very soon when the Challenge is 'revealed'...

My plan for the Agates..make 3 pieces, each with a different shape of bead and different type of metal.  I have two pieces completed, and the third is still on my bead mat awaiting a few finishing touches.  I may have enough left-over for a pair of earrings!

Next is a picture of the awesome stash received for the Sparkle Challenge.
Oh boy!..Super Sparkles!

And.. last but definitely not least, here are the components for the Clay & Metal Hop...I already have a plan formulating for these.  Sharyl's pieces are so pretty in pink, with a dash of glimmer and icing, and the crystals Lisa added are perfect.

Having a beading blast,