Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Autumn Nights Challenge

Hi everyone!
It's time to share the fabulous pieces I created with the lovely beads sent to me by Lisa Lodge at Pine Ridge Studios Beads and More for her Autumn Nights Challenge.
(I'm a few hours early. I've got to be at work early tomorrow and just couldn't wait any longer to post!)

First, here is the official Pine Ridge artwork for the event:

There were just oodles and oodles of beads in this Challenge kit.  The kit I received was a mixture of amethyst, matte and shiny black, and silvery pearl beads.  I dug right in, totally forgetting to take a picture of the beads first!  This will give you the gist of things when I realized the 'before' picture is very important:

My first bracelet 'flew' together with this lovely feather clasp Lisa sent along in the kit.  I pulled out some silver wire and a pair of sterling silver cones from my stash and wah lah:

Next..obviously on a 'bracelet theme'...  I wanted to make a comfy, easy-to-wear stretch bracelet trio that combined several of the bead types.  They needed to keep a strong association to each other for a set.  The silver bead caps with the fluted design worked very well in the amethyst and basic black bracelets.  Years ago, I purchased these star-burst flat disc beads and thought they would be perfect for a Challenge theme that featured nighttime and stars?  These discs are super-sparkly in real life, almost too bright for the camera lens.  A few of those beautiful pearl beads softened the over-all look.  These could be worn in any combination..wear one, two, or all three.  Plus, that basic black bracelet would go with any outfit!..my 'go-to' wardrobe-maker.  Oh, and I love love those matte black barrels:

I was determined to use all the beads in this kit.
These pieces came next:

Lisa included 2 unusual, flat, softly matte glass rectangles in the kit.  What to make?..earrings?..no, wasn't in an 'earring mood' (I get like this..been wearing the same pair of 'basic' earrings to work now for a few weeks now..boring Carol).  A pendant?..maybe..but it needed 'sparkle' to go with those sparkling amethyst rondelle beads.  Out came the Swarovski flat-backed hot-fix crystals in a purple mix.  Using only gentle heat from a common heat gun adhered these hot-fix crystals perfectly..the glass was a perfect conductor.  I was amazed!  Sterling silver jump rings and a slightly oxidized sterling flower toggle clasp (also from my stash) made this necklace.  And, I still had beads remaining to use!  My last piece was a toggle bracelet that used the last funky, chunky matte black barrels (did I mention how much I love those??) and the last few sparkly amethyst rondelle beads with this sterling toggle clasp.  The very last barrel bead became a perfectly fun dangle with a sterling head pin wrapped-up around it.

I think there are about 3 & 1/2 beads remaining from this great kit (which may become my new pair of work earrings?  :)

Please head over to Pine Ridge Studios during October and November to see what everyone created from their own unique Autumn Nights kit.  I can't wait to see them all.  Mine will be posted there shortly, too!


  1. Lovely designs! So awesome you used most of your kit and everything is really beautifully coordinated :)

  2. Wow Carol - I love all of the pretty bracelets! That was a great idea to us the hot fix crystals on the pendant!

  3. So much sparkly goodness here This kit has been great to play with. However, I didn't get any of the barrel beads, and they were everybody's favorite bead.

  4. revisiting and all your bracelets impressed me just as much second time around

  5. All your peices are lovely, love the many bracelets and the Necklace too.but my fav is the black/amythest bracelets.