Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Indian Rug

Hi everyone,  Wow, can you believe it's August 20th?

I wanted to share my August artbeadscene Challenge submission with you today:

The featured Artist this month is Anne Redpath and our inspiration artwork is the Indian Rug from 1942.  It's a very complex piece in my minds-eye...lots of intricate details, vibrant colors, and many points of reference to pull your interest.  Here is the piece, along with Brandi Hussey's excellent inspiration palette across the bottom:

I'll have to admit it..I was stumped.  Too much going on?  The flatness of the piece?
My 'muse' took some time away from my brain at some point.

Finally, I decided to focus on the colors and started pulling lots of beads out of my stash.

There were zero 'red slipper' components in my collection (I can't hardly believe that). However, I did have beautiful flower beads from Rebekah Payne of TreeWingsStudio (Etsy shop link; treewingsstudio is the link to her blog site).  Last year, Rebekah offered Wild Rose Polymer Clay art beads in her shop.  I had to get a few in every, teal, white. Later, she held a de-stash event where she offered unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. That's where I snapped-up this lovely blue rose!  Upon reconsidering, I realized the Wild Rose beads were perfect focal elements to compliment Redpath's artwork.

Next, the rug in the artwork totally attracted my attention. Anything bright silver or cool pale grey is a favorite. In my stash were very special Vintage Glass beads from Marie at beadbrats (Etsy).  These softly ruffled, silvery beads provided an amazing background element for my bracelet.  That was an easy decision!

Next, I wanted to incorporate some of the golden and darker blue notes. The Swarovski Elements Crystal Pearls gave just the right amount of color with a soft subtle glow.  More important to me was that they didn't detract from Rebekah's and Marie's beads.

I also didn't want a clasp to pull your gaze away from those carefully-chosen elements, so decided to construct the bracelet with an old favorite = stretch elastic!  It does seem like Memory Wire and elastic are both making a come-back these days.

And, wa lah.. that was it!  What do you think?

With a simple goal in mind - COLOR - the piece came together.

Thanks to ABS for another great Challenge!  And thank you Rebekah and Marie!  :)

Happy beading days,