Saturday, August 9, 2014

ABS August 2014 Challenge

Don't forget about this, too!

artbeadscene August Challenge - The Indian Rug by Anne Redpath (1895-1965).  This clip of the artwork displays a color palette created by Brandi Hussey.  This palette is just as inspirational as the artwork!

The description at ABS:
The vivid colors and flat patterning of this painting owe much to Matisse, while the 'tipped-up' perspective reflects Redpath's admiration for early Italian painting.  Redpath was fascinated by colour and texture.  In this painting, the pattern of the rug meshes with the shapes of the slippers and chair to such a degree that it is difficult to separate flat from three-dimensional form....

Anne Redpath was born in Galashiels and studied at Edinburgh College of Art.  In 1920 she married and moved to France, devoting much of the next fourteen years to her family and doing little painting.  In the mid 1930's, she returned to Scotland, settling in Hawick in the Borders.  Redpath admired the French Post-Impressionist artists, such as Van Gogh and Gauguin, and also Matisse...

Another fascinating life and career!  Thank you, ABS.
I am looking forward to creating!

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