Monday, July 7, 2014

Art Jewelry Elements July 2014 Component of the Month

Hello there everyone,

Here's my scoop for this week.  I was so thrilled with the piece I made for Melissa Trudinger's Haberdashery Hop over this past weekend, that I made 3 versions! The Haby Hop reveal date isn't until August 2nd, so I can't post any pictures here just yet.  Please promise that you will come back?'s 'my girl' Poppy with white paint on her head!...she is too quick, always into something...including the fresh paint my hubby put on a wall!  Don't worry, it's latex and temporary!

Last week, I entered my name into Art Jewelry Elements July Component of the Month Giveaway. Imagine my complete surprised to hear from Francesca Watson last Saturday morning saying that I am one of 3 Readers chosen to participate in this challenge!  I'm still so OMG excited that I almost can't breathe!'s such an honor to be selected!  

Francesca is hosting the AJE Giveaway this month.  She made these beautiful, yummy glass cabochon pieces.  I'm not sure which one is coming to me, but that is a GOOD thing because I never would have been able to choose just one..they are all so gorgeous!  Look at those colors and that shimmer!:

Our challenge is to make something wonderful with our cabochon and to post the finished piece on our blog July 31, 2014.  So, I'm watching my mailbox and need to get cracking, asap!  Which one do you think will arrive?...ohh, the red one?...or one of those bright turquoise ones? about that orange one?..or the lime one?...or..... :)

Happy beading,
Happy dancin' in Delaware!

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