Saturday, August 9, 2014

Clay & Metal, Agates, Sparkles and Autumn Nights!

Guess what?:
I've signed-up for this super Hop, offered by Lisa Lodge at Pine Ridge Treasures on Facebook!
The Clay and Metal Hop features components made by Sharyl McMillian-Nelson of Metapolies (Etsy) and SharylsJewelry (Artfire).  Our Hop Kits will contain fabulous pieces created by Sharyl in either clay or metal (hence the Hop's title!).  There may also be coordinating beads from Lisa's stash involved in this kit!  As with all of Lisa's Hops, 'surprise awaits' for those who accept her challenge..we won't know exactly which colors or beads might arrive at our doorsteps!  What great fun!!  Keeps things spontaneous and exciting!  My creative jewelry pieces for C&M (for short) are due to post here at my Blog on November 15, 2014.

Lisa is also hosting an Agate Challenge. I was able to keep my 'Hop going' and dashed in on this, too!  These kits feature Agate gemstones, perhaps even Fire Agate, which is perfect for Autumn!  Not sure which kit is coming to me just yet..however this Challenge will reveal itself on October 18, 2104 over at Pine Ridge Treasures.  I will likely post pics here as well.

Speaking of Autumn, October and November...our busy girl Lisa also just opened a Challenge titled "Autumn Night Sky".  Who could resist?  This kit features bead themes in purple, lilac, grey, black, silver, clear, wine, dark blue, and perhaps more colors.  There may be some crystals, pearls, cultured seaglass and metals in the mix, too.  Lisa will post our creations at Pine Ridge Treasures all during the months of October and November.  So, please do check-in at Lisa's Facebook page often to see what's new!  I'm sure a few pics will make it onto my Blog also!

Lastly, I was lucky enough to absolutely squeak-in on Lisa's Sparkle Challenge for December 6, 2014.  This kit contains Tiaria crystal in either round, bicone or rondelle shapes.  Colors? guessed it...a total secret until my kit arrives!  Pics of Creations to follow at Pine Ridge and here.

So, I kind-of fibbed (five Hops, not just one)... and have stuck my creative neck waayyy out there:

Things are going to get pretty-beady-busy around here!!  Loving it!
See you real soon,

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