Tuesday, June 10, 2014

ABeadsLife at Etsy

Today, I wanted to share a few pieces from my shop (ABeadsLife) with you!   If you've visited my shop before, you will already know I love using a wide variety of colors..bold & bright, soft & mello, and so on.  I generally choose one special bead or component in my selected color, then take it from there.

Sometimes, it is the mood of the day that strikes me.  On the day I made this bracelet, the day began with brilliant sunshine for most of the day, warm and glowing..we sure needed it after such a long hard Wintertime in Delaware.  It felt great.  At about 2pm, while I was deciding on which beads to use, the day suddenly grew very dark, just like night.  If you have dogs, like I do, they were the first to notice something had changed.  My eldest Yorkie, Mindy, was hovering around my ankles.  They do say dogs can hear a storm approaching.

Almost that quickly, the wind picked-up, the thunder was crashing, there was hail! and followed by torrential rain.   This pattern of bright sunny, followed by threatening storms, occurred over the next 6-7 hours, finally ending at about 7-8pm that night.  Poor Mindy was a wreck by then..don't worry, we were snuggled together, me comforting her!

This bracelet was made on that day..simply called "Stormy".  It is filled with Citrine gemstone chips to recall the brilliant yellow sun and the flat ovals of gorgeous agate to recall the swirling storms on that day.  There is a wonderful Czech glass shimmery owl to remind us of the birds twittering between each storm..they were 'having a ball' splashing in the water puddles!  There are some Czech glass frosted swirls and Piggy beads here, too.   Those Piggy beads, my new fav, are in a great new color called 'Chrome'..these seemed to be a perfect compliment.  Two golden Vintage Lucite beads, a beautiful Sterling Silver Star clasp to recognize the nighttime (it was a beautiful star-filled night after the storms) and we're all set!

I made this next piece on a soft Springtime day.  The newly growing flowers of that day inspired me..our neighbor's Lilac bush, the soft Tulips, and a few butterflies and bees swooping around.  This piece has a vintage retro pink glass swirl bead from beadsellergirl at Esty.com.  It's was so perfect for this design!  The vintage soft minty green 'bumpy' rounds and carved Lucite lilac shimmering rose were begging to be used here.  That is a real coconut button (slightly over 1inch in diameter) printed with a lovely butterfly pattern in the same soft pinks and mint green colors.  I free-formed a piece of copper to the button to resemble a butterfly and to bring the theme together.   These beautiful Czech glass pressed flower caps have been in my beading stash for a long time and made great dangles...they turned out quite nicely!

And here is my Mindy..doing great!  Next time, I will show you my other 2 girls, Cherry and Poppy (those 2 are not afraid of anything!)

Have a great day!

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